The equipment used by "Expert Optima" LLP for well survey and testing is an advanced overseas equipment that meets international standards and is allowed for use in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Package of devices for survey of temperature and pressure parameters, well fluid sampling and transportation is presented by such world manufacturers as Pioneer Petrotech Services (Canada), Metrolog (France) and Leutert (Germany). 

Wireline operations are carried out with the use of TIS Lynx offshore unit with a hydraulic drive.

Pressure control during operations is performed by NOV BOP equipment.

For the well testing operations the company is equipped with sludge traps, heat exchangers, line heaters, three-phase test separators, tanks for liquid hydrocarbons and other equipment.

Surface testing data is acquired by Probe wireless system (USA).

The company owns mobile laboratory equipped with all the necessary equipment for analysis during well testing.

In order to arrange the living conditions of its employees at the Customer's site the company has its own mobile vans equipped with all necessary for comfortable accommodation.

Expert Optima, LLP is continuously developing and keeps investing in foreign top-quality equipment for this type of services.